Quiz! Can you name the players who have scored the most free kicks in the Premier League?

Referee using vanishing spray to mark out where a free kick is taken
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4 minutes on the clock, 15 players to guess.

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Football is all about weighing up risk and reward, making split-second calculations about the best course of action in any given moment.

When a defender faces up to a tricky attacker on the edge of the box, they have to decide whether it's worth sticking a foot in to try to win the ball.

If the opposition has a set-piece specialist like any of those on those featured on this list, then it might be worth holding off and hoping for the best.

Some are more famous than others, but how many of the 15 players who have scored the most free kicks in the Premier League can you name?


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Sean Cole

Sean Cole is a freelance journalist. He has written for FourFourTwo, BBC Sport and When Saturday Comes among others. A Birmingham City supporter and staunch Nikola Zigic advocate, he once scored a hat-trick at St. Andrew’s (in a half-time game). He also has far too many football shirts and spends far too much time reading the Wikipedia pages of obscure players.